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Getting all emotional about an offer ...

EI or EQ? It’s one of those things where you kind of get what it means but, if you had to explain it to someone else, it could be something of a challenge. Now though, it’s very straightforward …

Emotional Intelligence
According to Psychology Today, emotional intelligence (often referred to, somewhat strangely, as EQ) is the ability to accurately identify our own emotions, and the emotions of others. Seems simple enough, though there is of course much more to it than that. Recent research has revealed that our IQ is only partly responsible for what we traditionally call ‘success’ (around 10-23%), with the rest coming from a variety of sources, most notably our EQ (emotional intelligence). In particular, knowing about and deploying our EQ dramatically improves our ability to grasp what’s driving a situation, enabling us to differentiate fact from subjective reaction. Not only that, it seems effectively controlling our emotions makes us more efficient at tasks and more effective in our relationships.

Blind Spots
Getting to grips with our own EQ means we need carefully structured feedback from others. This is essential, as only other people can really measure our ability to be emotionally intelligent in any particular situation. And even if we do ask others for feedback, we must ask the right questions - in the right way - to get the right information. In addition, we can’t entirely see ourselves as others see us - sometimes, for example, overestimating our own ability. Or, in some cases, maybe even underestimating it. So, even though we might think we’re being effective, assertive, entrepreneurial, friendly or perhaps just funny, others may see it (very) differently.

Introductory offer
Working with our technology partner, we have created our first online EI360 report (as we’re calling it). This is currently available to you at a 25% discount for a limited period. It’s easy: you complete an online form and up to twelve people, who know you well, do the same (it’s easy for them too). You’ll then receive a detailed report covering six areas that make up your EQ, for just £45 per report (plus VAT). You’ll get individual and aggregated information about things like your self-awareness, motivation and social skills, amongst others. You’ll get to know what emotional intelligence is and, crucially, become more critically self-aware so you can boost your own EQ. How about that? You really can choose to be even more intelligent!

Why not get in touch to check out your EQ? We’ll do our best not to get all emotional about it.

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Getting all emotional about an offer ...
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